Wednesday, 16 March 2011

The First Customer!

Julie, the Barista and Herb

Lovely Jasmine perched on the fireplace mantle.

Painting:  Annie Froese

Painting:  Annie Froese

Painting:  Annie Froese.  All paintings are original watercolours.

Morning light floods in through the windows creating a cheery atmosphere!

The views going to Nanton are breathtakingly beautiful!

The Coffee shop is Open!!!!

On Saturday, March 12th, Tumbleweed Coffee House opened their doors.  A group of friends went down for the opening and were thrilled with the ambiance and product.  The drive down was beautiful (the view was spectacular) and the coffee was wonderful.  I am a huge fan of Colossi's "Snakebite", and here, I found I enjoy their dark roast, "Gunsmoke".  While you are there, try out their scones, Chocolate Silk Pie, or Apple Pie!  All very tasty!

Take a trip down and see what it's all about!